Welcome to North INDIA’S Most Trusted & Growing Brand

Ns4 Beauty & Salon was established in 2008. Now one of the biggest salon chains in Uttar Pradesh, India, having a presence in many cities all over India. Strands have been immensely successful, associating with a huge brands like “Ns4”.
Ns4 Beauty & Salon provides a vast range of skin, beauty, hair & makeup treatments by artists trained by NS4 and Strands Academy experts. This wide range is complemented with technically perfect products to satisfy our customers. We safeguard our reputation as a leader and constantly sustain our relationship with our much-valued customers.
NS4 keeps it friendly and professional – The salon is one of the first few professional salons in the Region that introduced a wide range of male and female salon services in Aligarh. Keeping in pace with the latest trends, the salon offers a broad array of services in haircuts and styling, bridal makeups, party makeups, herbal and cosmetic facials, cleansing and hygiene, henna designing, etc.
In the NS4 Salon, you are always a VIP. We provide individual five-star care per your needs and goals in the beauty field. Specialized methods of treatments and services such as haircuts, makeup, skin treatment, and bridal packages. We provide you with an ideal comfortable environment.


NS4 Salon
Founder & CEO

Vivek Gautam is an Entrepreneurial Icon with more than 13 years of accumulated wisdom in network setup and product analysis. He conceptualized this brilliant idea of Beauty Planet. This organisation is a one-stop house to drive a new era of development & growth for the Indian beauty & wellness industry toward international recognition.
Successfully launching “Ns4 Hair & Beauty Salon Private Limited” as a private label to its immense heights is just an addition to his forte. He is in constant touch with salon associations gives him a cutting edge. His vision is to provide new trending tools for the Salon industry driving the NS4 Hair &Beauty Salon to growth.


Continuously Growing Business Module

NS4 Salon

NS4 Salon Continuously Growing Business Module is an innovative, comprehensive tool that helps salon owners and stylists quickly and accurately grow . This powerful module includes a variety of features to help salon owners manage their customer information, track customer loyalty and growth, and streamline customer communication.

NS4 Ecosystem

Combination of both ONLINE & OFFLINE infrastructure; adding to our competitive edge

NS4 Salon

The NS4 Ecosystem offers a unique combination of both online and offline infrastructure that gives us an edge in the competitive market. With an online platform, customers can access a range of services, including more features, as well as product information, special offers, and more. The offline infrastructure includes a professionally designed salon with modern decor and a team of expertly trained stylists and technicians.